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Brawl Stars – an overview

As we all know playing games in mobile device is highly in trend. There are also different types of games which are specially designed for the mobile device. Brawl Stars is one such mobile video game which is developed by the Supercell. The launch of this video game occurred through live streaming in youtube. This is currently available for iOS platform and the company is engaged in the task of launching this video game app for the android platforms. Right from the launch of this video game, it has attained more popularity among the crazy lovers of video games.

Game play

While considering the Brawl stars, the players will be ranked based on the level they have reached and the trophies they have attained. The players can feel free to select the brawlers and they can use one among them in each game. The players can get the brawlers by collecting sufficient amount of coins. On the other side, they can also buy brawlers by using the chips they have earned through the game. The most interesting part of this game is they can be played in four different game modes. The modes of Brawl Stars Up include Heist, Bounty, Smash & Grab and Showdown.

Game modes

As mentioned above, there are four game modes. Bounty is a game mode where the players are supposed to kill the other players in the other teams. In case, if a player has killed more number of players in the other team, their bounty will be higher. It is also to be noted that in case if the player with higher bounty is killed by other player, the total bounty will get transferred to the player who killed them in the play. In some cases, the players will have crystals. And if these players are killed, they will shed all their crystals. The other player can collect these crystals.

While considering heist, one team will have the safe and the other team will try to break the safe within limited time span. It is to be noted that these modes will be played by 3 vs. 3 players. But this will not be the case while considering Showdown. This is a dead match and it is to be played with 10 players. In this mode, the game will get smaller and smaller. The player who remains till the end will be the winner.

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