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Accessories to combine with your shower curtains for a better room décor

Home décor is all about picking the right combinations. If the combination is right, the room will look fantastic, irrespective of its size. This rule is applied not just for the bedroom or dining; it holds equal value for the bathrooms as well. In fact, the combination has to be flawless for a contemporary bathroom. You have to combine your shower curtains with right set of products for the best effect inside the bathroom. Given below are some of the best accessories you can combine with your shower curtains to drag the best effect out of it.

Artistic photography:

If you want to add the creative tinge to your favorite bathroom, this would be a very good idea.  Combining a nice photography piece by the side of your shower curtains adds that creative value inside the room. Often people find the bathroom hours the best hours for self assessment or relaxation. Something creative like this would indeed encourage the process. You may hang something that reflects your personality the best fashion. It would be even better if you frame one of your most favorite personal captures.

Place a nice flower bucket:

It adds that sweet appeal to your bathroom. Placing a nice flower bucket by the side of your shower curtains can enhance the beauty quotient of the room in a great extent. However, you need to be careful about the color combination while selecting the flower bucket. It should be in concurrence with the shower curtains, as it has to be there by its side. Don’t go for the extra large buckets that might look exaggerated. You should try to keep things simple.

A small and nice rack:

This can be catchy and handy at the same time. Placing a rack adds makes the bathroom look professionally prefect. It adds that brilliance in overall room décor process. To make things look attractive, you may put a flower pot on the top of the rack as well. Anyway, special care has to be given on the color combination aspect. Don’t try too hard on this matter; just make both of these of same color. The best recommendation would be to go for the all-white combination. A white shower curtains with a white rack would offer the best appeal.

A beautifully framed mirror:

This can be something absolutely regal. A mirror of large designer frame would add the classy appeal to your bathroom. Good news is that one can find a huge range of options for such articulate frames to choose from. Talking about the contemporary choices, going for the large mirrors with comparatively bigger and wider frames would be the best recommendation.

However, color combination has to be taken care of while buying such a mirror. For example, if your shower curtains are black in color, a mirror of black frame would be the best recommendation. Well, don’t hang the extra large mirrors. The size should be in accordance with the size of the room.


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