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One of the richest celebrities of this century

Miley Ray Cyrus born as Destiny Hope Cyrus is a famous singer, TV actress, songwriter and recording artist. During her childhood, she performed in minor roles in a couple of television series in the television series such as Doc and Big Fish and eventually became a teen idol debuting as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney tv show, Hannah Montana. Her estimated net worth was about $165 million in the year of 2007. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus was also a part of the show. She signed a record with the Hollywood Records and debuted on a studio album called Meet Miley Cyrus in 2007 and got certified with triple-platinum with the Recording Industry Association of America with an approximate of three million units. Her second released album is Breakout which enhanced her movie career as a voice actress in the animated movie Bolt. Her debut song album sold around three million copies in the United States of America. This album contains the single track ‘See you again’ which climbed at number ten on Billboard Hot 100. Her sophomore album Breakout also received RIAA Platinum record breaker and sold out more than one million copies. She performed the theme song of the movie titled Bolt and got nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the best original song creation with a celebrity net worth  of celebrity net worth of 165 million.

Biography and achievement of Miley Cyrus

She has acquired get fame from all around the world. She has the passion for singing and a generous heart. She has performed in private concerts endeavoring to raise the fund to help the poor orphan children with a celebrity net worth. However, she got involved into great controversies as she participated into some unfortunate situation. The most controversy took place when she was caught displaying the semi-nude pictures of her. She’s had several relationships till her youth and she started having a boyfriend at the age of ten years. Her net worth right now reaches to one hundred and fifty million dollars. She got admitted into the Armstrong Acting School of Toronto, where she got skilled to be a good actress, which is the central pillar her success of becoming one of the richest celebrity teenagers.

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