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Richest celebrities in the field of music

Many people are eager to know the list of richest celebrities, so, they search about it online. Actually online is the best place to get a lot of information about celebrities. The personal life of the celebrities, their interests, their location, next project, their income or the net worth and many other details can be found online. Many young people read online magazines and blogs to get to know more information about the celebrities. This seems to be excited for them and for many people it has become a habit that they regularly get the updates from online.

The one of the best site to get the net worth details of celebrities in the field of music, rap, film, business, politics, direction, designing, production, comedian etc. is This site gives you clear information of each celebrity with their net worth details and short bio. This site has details of numerous celebrities. Some of the information such as richest celebrities, richest business men likewise richest celebrity in various fields can be found in this site. This site is being the most visited to get net worth details of celebrities.

Some of the riches celebrities are:

  • Dr Dre
  • Celine Dion
  • Paul McCartney

Dr Dre

Dre is his other name of Andre Young the most famous rapper in the industry. He is started as a rapper in 1980s and came to the lime light shortly because of the recognition he got from the people. He started rap with the group called NWA but he became famous after releasing his solo album The Chronic. His net worth is $730 Million.

Celine Dion

The five time Grammy award winner is a prodigy for singing and her voice melts down everything. Her first album was released when she was 12 years old by her manager then husband. Her net worth is $700 million and her single album called Falling in to you alone is sold around 10 million copies.

Paul McCartney

This 74 aged man with net worth of $690 million is the one of the member of the Beatles band the most successful music band in 1960’s. After disbanding of Beatles he has become solo artist and he is one of the most successful album artists in UK.


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