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Licensing Requirements For The SQL Server 2016

SQL Server is relational database server software. The software can seem impenetrable at first, once you attempt to get holds on the various products, services, and servers included.It provides with tools for data storage, analysis, management, and reporting. It is good to go through the guide that entails many components of the product, like integration services, management studio, reporting, and analysis services. The software can be utilized as a back-end database server for powering a dynamic website or internal applications. Here is a quick guide that can give you a chance to find a right SQL server version and licenses that meet your organization needs and preferences.

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Which version is suitable?

SQL Server by the Microsoft is available in the Enterprise and Standard Editions. If you have a medium-sized business of any type, you can opt for the Standard Edition of the SQL Server 2016. While on the other hand, Enterprise Edition is the most efficient and reliable for those organizations, which are very large in size.

  • When it comes to the Standard Edition, you will get basic database, analytics, and reporting capabilities. There is a server or CAL and core-based models for the licensing offered by the Microsoft.
  • Enterprise Edition has all the basic features, which are present in the Standard Edition. At the same time, it has tools that can be used for business analysis, financial data, data warehousing, mission-critical applications, and many other features. A user will get this edition just under the core-based model for the licensing purpose.

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What is about the licensing?

While deciding on the licensing, an essential thing to do is to cover the essential requirements for licensing for SQL Server. There are two types of the licensing you can get. These are core-based licensing and the server or CAL based licensing. Know what they offer:

  • The core licensing products give licenses for 2 cores. It requires a minimum of 4 core licenses to work on. When you want to use these products, the requirement you need to meet is to get enough copies for covering the cores in the processors that you want to use with SQL Server.
  • When it comes to the CAL or server products, they offer a single server license for a cloud, virtual, or a physical-based server. When you are going to use this licensing, it needs each device or user that contacts the licensed server to possess a client access license or CAL. It is the most suitable for administrators, who are familiar with the exact number of devices and users that will link to the server.


To upgrade, you can easily download the new version of the SQL Server 2016 from the online source.

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