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Templates for Employee schedules

An employer business works based on location and work hours. It can be a Global business or local business demands, employers would hire based on the following aspects.

Travel or the Location Demands of the business

Hourly/Monthly Payroll demands based on local laws of the country:

Any business pay based on the number of employees working within assigned/agreed period of time and travel expenditure according to requirements. So, it’s important for Employers to track all the activity hours, location expenses, taxes paid as per local laws (if any) or other expenses claimed by the employee as part of travelling needs. For these activities to be approved, an employee must go through approvals through various channels in a company.

There are various In-house websites/tools/methods used by the employer over a period of time on these activities but till date either it requires a paperwork or goes through a tedious approval cycle. This involves additional manual efforts for an employer to collate data from different sources have them followed up separately and tracked till the closure.

Every activity performed on an entity of the organization (Employee/assets/financials) required to be audited and submitted to the customer and government bodies according to their industry standards. If the employee or their claims and travel related activities with necessary approvals would help an employer to a great extent.

Following are the few features available in Employee Schedule Template options

1) Create a template based on Location/Job tasks

2) Ability to add “n” number of employees to the templates created (Based on subscription license of the Employee Scheduling tools)

3) Report generation based on payroll payments per template

4) Payment Graphs can be viewed per Scheduling template

5) Ability to view all or any specific template that is scheduled per Day/Week/Month

6) Based on the Scheduling template, an employee can raise for approval and employer can approve it accordingly.

7) Location and time of the employee clocked in can be tracked online through GPS and reported to the Manager through tool

8) Ability to capture the hours of work of an employee and restrict employees to clock their working hours from different locations.

9) Ability to track the financials through Graphs/Charts for a particular project/task and it is incorporated with the Hours capturing tools.

These could contribute to the success of an employer to quickly view/track their financials, expenses allocation, number of employees, number of projects or tasks available based on Templates created by the employer. It gives an overview of organization’s growth, business deadlines ahead and their employee activities.


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